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Brand Design is about creating a consistent, memorable and trustworthy identity for your business, event or organisation. This is achieved primarily through the design of a logo that can be used on all your promotional material enhanced by an appropriate, communicative colour scheme.

First Impressions Count

When designing your brand I first listen to your needs and aspirations, how you perceive your business, your event or organisation, your mission statement, who your target audience is. I use this information to design a brand that will make the right first impression on your potential clients, customers or audience.

Gaining trust through continuity

Business cards, stationery, leaflets, brochures, websites, social media sites will each individually contain your brand. I will work with you to ensure that when designing these items, your brand is kept consistent.

Future Proofing

I design brands that stand the test of time, brands that are right for you, your business, organisation or event now and for your future growth.

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