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Every business, event or organisation needs an online presence in order to compete in an increasingly online market place whether it be a simple web page with your business logo and contact details, a brochure style website with multiple pages and photos, an online shop or simply a well branded social media presence. These all form a vital part of your online identity and ensure that your potential audience know about you and hear what you have to say.

Website Design
I design and build uniquely designed websites to suit you, your business, event or organisation. I can provide high quality photography and bespoke graphics to enhance your website, sell your products or set the visual mood of your website. From large business websites to single web pages, I will work with you and your marketing team to ensure your website will compliment your brand, ethos and vision.
Online Shops
Thinking of selling online? Want to reach more customers? Whatever you would like to sell, I can design and build an online shop that can help you reach a larger customer base online. I design and build small or large online shops, provide product photography if required and will work with you to set up your website to accept online payments.
Mobile/Tablet friendly websites
I provide ‘responsive’ website design to clients for their website which means whether your website is being viewed on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone, the website structure will adjust to fit the screen to allow for a more pleasing browsing experience for your online visitors however they prefer to browse your site.
Client content managed websites
Control and flexibility with websites designed and built to allow you the freedom to edit the content of your site as and when required saving you money in web maintenance fees. Straight forward written tutorials are given to you once the website is ‘live’ to help you make a range of edits to your site.
Website Maintenance
Ongoing support, edits to content, images edits, new products, design and website style changes and search engine optimisation are all part of the tasks that will need to be carried out over the life of the website. For peace of mind and to save you time, I can provide a monthly web maintenance package to suit you and your budget.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation is about optimising your website for the online search engines such as ‘Google’ with the aim of appearing as high up in the search engine listing results as possible for your chosen keyword or phrase relating to your business, event or organisation.
Initial search engine optimisation is provided for every website I build. This means that basic steps will be taken to help your website appear as high as possible in the search engines for your chosen keywords.
You will also be given access to information on your website visitor numbers so that you can see how your site is performing month by month.
*Please note that no web developer can guarantee high page positions for any keyword or phrase but initial search engine optimisation is essential to start your website off on the right track with the search engines. To achieve success in the search engines can be an ongoing task and there are no quick fixes to appear on page 1 of ‘Google’, which is why search engine optimisation needs to be ideally revisited for your website on a regular basis.
If the quest for high ratings in ‘Google’ are a priority for your website, monthly search engine optimisation and paid for advertising plans may be right for you. I can offer a monthly package to suit your requirements and budget.
Social Networking
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Linked in are just a few of the ‘do it yourself’ self promotion sites available for free to any individual, business, event or organisation. These sites are a fantastic way of connecting with customers, telling your story, sharing ideas, selling, advertising and building your brand in a friendly, approachable way.
I can work with you to ensure your photos, logos, customisable social network page colours compliment your brand across all your social media sites.
I can also provide monthly social network updating service whereby I can add your news, photos and advertising campaigns for you to help drive traffic to your website.
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