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Milford Waterfront is a popular marina waterfront destination on the doorstep of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The marketing team wanted to tap in to the increasingly popular ‘glamping’ and unique escapes tourism market.
A family of four ‘Floatel Cabins’ were built and located directly on the waterfront at the edge of Milford Marina.
A stay at one of the four luxurious ‘Floatel Cabins’ would give guests a unique experience, a taste of life staying on a marina, like a boat gently floating on the sea.

I was tasked with designing a new bi-lingual (Welsh/English) sub-brand for the ‘Floatel Cabins’. The brief required the logo to feel part of Milford Waterfront’s existing brand, yet stand alone as a brand in itself so that it may be used to promote the ‘Floatel Cabins’ to visitors across the UK and beyond.

To create the logo I took inspiration from the simple linear shapes already created in the M and W of the Milford Waterfront brand. I used dark blue lines of the same thickness, I repositioned them, cut them, and placed them at different angles in order to create the abstract shape of a ‘Floatel Cabin’ with its roof and outside decking space.

I mirrored the shape of the ‘Floatel Cabin’ beneath to create a water reflection, to re-enforce the unique selling point of the ‘float’ element of the brand and to convey that the visitor will experience a stay on the sea.
The horizontal lines within the reflection represent the waters of the marina, they are calm and still, and give the logo a tranquil feel.

The graphic element of the logo is the main focal point, it can be used in isolation or as a full logo with accompanying text.

The logo has been applied to the four individually named cabins, the graphic mark accompanying the name of each cabin when represented on promotional material.

Each ‘Floatel Cabin’ has its own colour scheme, to give the visitor a unique experience in each cabin, this has been achieved though the use of a specific colour for each ‘Floatel Cabin’, reflected in the complimentary gift voucher for each guest, the Melin Tregwynt fabric used within, as well as the signage on entry to each cabin.

Lamp post banners along Milford Marina advertise the ‘Floatels’ in their individual colour schemes.

The ‘Floatel Cabins’ logo is a versatile logo that can be rendered in a range of colours, it compliments the Milford Waterfront brand feeling part of the same brand family.

Floatel Photography by Owen Howells Photography

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