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Client Brief

In the midst of the easing of the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown,  as non-essential shops were allowed to re-open, the marketing team at Milford Waterfront, Pembrokeshire needed to prepare signage to ask visitors to keep their 2 metre distance.

But roughly how long is 2 metres?

What better way to imagine the distance than by using visuals of creatures and objects found around Milford Waterfront.

Whether it’s 1 x adult Seal or 6 lobsters in a line, the bespoke illustrations allow visitors to imagine the 2 metre distance without wishing they’d brought their measuring tape along!


A large exterior poster sign was designed for use at Milford Waterfront, social media graphics as well as a series of 6 large floor graphics which have been installed on the pavements of the Waterfront.


The bespoke illustrations I created in Adobe Illustrator for this project take prominence in this set of graphics.  I chose a modern woodcut style for the illustrations to give character and to soften the tone of the main message of the poster which essentially is an instruction.

A friendly approach is what was needed here, to make visitors feel welcome but safe.
The colours used for the illustrations are from Milford Waterfront’s brand guidelines colour palette to keep the design on-brand.

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